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Proxy Policy

In order to keep some game servers free from spammers and other undesirables, has adopted a unique policy based around proxies. In this informative page, we will be supplying answers to common questions relating to our proxy policy.

Why am I unable to connect? It keeps giving me an error about proxies?

This is due to your connection being masked behind a proxy. Due to the custom software that some game servers run on, we can deny access to our servers to those masking their identity via proxies. To resolve this issue, remove the proxy from your computer.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a piece of computer software that masks your location and a few other tidbits of identification from being seen by websites and other software your computer communicates with. For example you could live in Montreal, Quebec. Meanwhile, you could run a proxy originating in China on your computer to mislead others or otherwise cause harm.


Why do you block proxies?

There are many reasons we do so. The main reason is that bots frequently connect via proxies and spam advertisements. This harms the image of and some players may move over to that community. If the previous answer wasn't enough, we pretty much use proxy and VPN blocking technology to protect our community and our players from the slimy tactics of other communities.