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Our community originated on Minecraft. As much as some of us hate it, it would be wrong to ignore our roots. 


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The server is running Spigot 1.12, released just hours ago and is also running on a fresh map.

Simple to follow rules:

  1. Do not steal, grief or otherwise destroy someone else's property.
  2. Do not exploit game mechanics to gain resources or kill other players.
  3. Follow Wheaton's Law at all times. (Don't be a dick)
  4. Have fun!
  5. Do not beg.


  • Hosted on's first dedicated machine, codename "hecate".
  • PvE, economy-based gameplay.
  • No spawnpoint. Use /wild when first connecting to teleport to a random parcel of land in the wilderness.
  • Somewhere near semi-Vanilla, but far from the Factions + McMMO shithole servers that the Minecraft community is full of.
  • Jobs, you are allowed 5 at the default rank. Perform /jobs browse to select your first jobs.
  • A total of 4 tiered rank-ups (not including the default rank) available once specific needs are met (money and hours played, use /ar check to see your rank-up progress). Each rank unlocks unique kits including food, armour, tools and perks specific to your rank.
  • Specific kits, perks and rewards for each rank.
  • 50k radius sqaure worldborder centered at 0/0.
  • No server/admin/non-legitimate structures built. Our spawn at 0/0 was built 100% legit. Every block was hand placed, mined and smelted by our community over the course of a week.
  • Anti-grief supplied by CoreProtect (rollbacks) and Grief Prevention (self-serve).
  • Auction your items with /auction to everyone on the server.
  • No P2W, we hate it as much as you do.
  • A resource world with double drops. /warp resource


Minecraft: Fixing Your Griefed Base


Everyone on Minecraft PvE starts out as an [Uninitiated]. As you progress on the server, you can rank up an additional 4 times to the following ranks:

[Regular] -

[Trusted] -

[Master] -

[Expert] -