The Modem is a fast growing tech and gaming community based in Western Canada.

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What is this place?

The Modem was initially birthed out of the asshole of the internet, Minecraft sometime in late 2012 or early 2013.

We are a conglomerate of gamers, techies, sysmins, parents, and content creators. We might not be large, but we make up for it by having an engaging, tightly knit community with the highest concentration of memers west of Calgary.

If you are looking for a chill community to relax, vape or do whatever the fuck you want, come and join us on our public Discord server listed below.

True Freedom of Speech

We are fine with any form of speech, as long as it is in a satirical sense and not directed to anyone specific. Want to post an offensive pro-confederate gif? Be my guest.

Skiddie and SJW Free ✔

We all have that one whiney friend that bitches at absolutely everything. Thats why we banned him last week.

Hands-off Moderation

We only step in when shit hits the fan, or you endanger yourself or others.